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Howard P. Carney
3rd Security Police Group (PACAF)
All material and photos contributed by Howard P. Carney, Administrative Clerk to Col. Fadal, Lt Col Rich, Capt Wilson, and MSgt Dave Maez, SPG/CC
Feb 85 - Nov 86

He  left the Air Force after 12 years and is currently  a software engineer for the Boeing Company.

Howard can also be reached at:  howardpcarney@home.com or http://www.aristarchus.com

The first Car Through - Sunday, 30 Mar 86
The Labor Strike Ends

Date:  Mon, 13 Mar 2000
From: "Howard P. Carney" <howardpcarney@home.com>

The story for me:

One day I got a call from Capt Wilson stating he wanted me posted on the front gate to take pictures of the pandemonium down there.  I was 19.  We had intelligence that the strike was going to break.  I got there about an hour early and positioned myself on top of the main gate visitors center with my Cannon A1 and 70-210 telephoto.  There I set up my tripod and took 2 rolls of 200 ASA 35 slides.  I had a lot of people asking me for copies, but with the Marcos evacuation later, the strike pictures seemed to have been "forgotten".  Anyway, I got the slides developed in 1987 and they've been in a box ever since.  Thanks to Theodore C. Reid, Dale Bannick, and many other SP's at the gate who were either on horseback or helped me get the pictures.  I hope they can come to this site and enjoy the memories of one of the best brawls I ever saw in Angeles City.

By the way, a PAF guard fired two shots from his pistol into the air and rocks and bottles were everywhere.  There was a small explosion emanating from where the strikers had held out under a parachute structure with some sort of grease pit for cooking underneath.  The parachute collapsed into the grease sending a plume about 80 feet into the air.  The crowd then converged on this epicenter and tore it apart.  At that time it was like watch the crowd of around 2 or 3 thousand people just converge on about 20.  Not much hand to hand, but a lot of rock throwing and running toward the gate in my direction.  I had the perfect perch on top of the Visitor's Center, and was safe there.  I just feared getting nailed with a rock or bottle.  When it was over, I got down in time to snap the first GI's through the gate.  The pinto had nationals it it, but later a maroon GM sedan came through with 2 GI's inside.  After it was over, I walked to the Murphy's and had a sud.

Howard "Howie" Carney

The following is also described in the "Annotated Pictorial History of Clark AB:  1899-1986"

Photo #1

Somewhere I have the first car through.  I was on top of the main gate taking pictures on this day.

"Here they come" to tear down the strikers stand...

Photo #2

"Head for cover, the tent with a hot grease pot prepares for the

Photo #3

"While the unrest starts, the walkway behind the main gate is
challenged, SP's respond"

Photo #4

"I took this shot, knowing the last photo was going to happen later.
This was before the blockade was broken.  The shot is on the walkway at the main gate"

The following is a better picture than the one shown in the "Annotated Pictorial History of Clark AB...".   Compare to http://www.whoa.org/publications/books/rosmer/501lr.jpg

Photo #5

The strike ends

3rd Security Police Group