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Photos and material contributed by A.C. Griffith
Clark Field
Wed, 05 Apr 2000
"A.C. Griffith" <griff703@earthlink.net>

what a wonderful thing your doing - thank you for your efforts in this project. I have many black and white, regular photographs of the people I was with during the 1959 - 1960 period at Clark. Many more pictures were made with color slide film and I think they would be more appropriate or interesting to view. I'll dig into the color slide box and convert the good ones to prints for scanning. I would be delighted to send the scanned pictures to you to share with others. Clark was a special place - a special time - we saw "South Pacific" at the Kelly Theatre - I remember walking out of the Kelly and looking up at the same sky as in the movie - it was emotional magic. I still remember it all in my minds eye.

I've shared your site with others that were with me at Clark Field. They feel the same.
Best wishes,
A.C. Griffith

Photo #1

A houseboy at the 6925th RSM, 1960

Photo #2

6925th RSM barracks, Clark AFB, 1960 - made with a miniature 16mm still camera.

The 6925th Radio Squadron Mobile, radio direction finding site on the left side of the highway going to the main gate. Four 'Adcock' type antennas and one R-390A radio, listening and taking bearings on transmitters in China. We had a single pair, twisted WWII wire, running on top of the ground to the 6925th main building in the antenna field near the Army Security Agency building. I remember the air conditioner never worked quite right in the little D.F. building.  One night the 'Hucks' let the American Military know that they intended to steal the gasoline generator inside of the D.F. site building. It didn't matter that the building was built around the generator. I remember the Air Police had machine guns mounted on Jeeps driving in the tall grass at night - everybody was ready to shoot - at night. They called me out there to change a flood light bulb on top of the building - with communist Hucks and crazy young Air Police with machine guns in the tall grass. And I'm under the flood light. Strange how you remember moments like that.

Photo #3

Photo #4

Chuldren in Angeles, 1960

Photo #5

The flightline at Clark AB, 1960

Photo #6

A native village near Clark Field, 1960

6925th RSM
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