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Photos and material contributed by A.C. Griffith
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Photo #13

Griff at 60 - unbelievable ! 

Photo #14

Mickey Wallwork and A.C. Griffith - in front of the 6925th RSM barracks in 1960. 

Photo #15

Angeles City - Downtown  1959

Photo #16

Wendell Ash from Vermont, at the 6925th barracks in front of the Filipino Air Force "chow hall." 
Filipino Air Force occupied one end of the building.  I remember the smell of the "fish sauce" - some
things you never forget.

Photo #17

Mickey Wallwork (mwall34884@aol.com) and Jim Pellicano ( jpellicano@stny.rr.com) in the 6925th
RSM barracks - 1959. Mickey was sleeping so..... Jim and others tied Mickey to the bed with radio lacing cord and carefully turned the bed up on end. When Mickey woke up Jim handed him a bottle of coke. And remember, as you look at these pictures, the 6925th was a serious 'intelligence' gathering operation. 

Photo #18

A.C. Griffith posing for photograph while  Jim Pellicano ( jpellicano@stny.rr.com) of New York holds
a broom over my head. 6925th barracks, 1959 

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