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Photos and material contributed by A.C. Griffith
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Photo #7

A houseboy at the 6925th RSM, 1960

Photo #8

After a year, inside a windowless building, I decided to get a drivers license for a grass cutting tractor and experience sunshine and cut grass at the 6925th Direction Finding Site, Others were apparently envious of my new found sunshine freedom and they got their tractor drivers license too.  We were all ground radio repair by decree and grass cutters by choice.  1960, Clark AFB. 

Photo #9

Photo #10

Laundry Girl, 6925th barracks, 1960

Photo #11

"The Laundry Girl"   1960 

I regret not remembering her name, but I know she was, sensitive, soft spoken, gentle and a beautiful person. The photograph was made under the stair steps at the 6925th barracks, Clark AFB.

Photo #12

Lilly Hill, AC&W Site, picture made from the barracks of the 6925th RSM, Clark AFB, 1960. 
Made with a 16mm camera. 

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